LunarLander Experiment - Instructions

Please carefully read the instructions below.

In this experiment, you will be training a spacecraft for two different tasks. Specifically, the spacecraft is going to learn how to land and how to make flips.

Below is a visualization of the interface. You will be given an instruction about what the spacecraft is supposed to be doing, and you will watch six trajectories of it. These will be either "land softly to the landing pad" or "stay in the air as long as possible". You will then rank the trajectories from the best behavior to the worst one with respect to the instruction, and click on the videos in the order of your preference (best to worst). A number appears at the bottom of the video once you click on it showing the ranking of the video where "1" is the best and "6" is the worst. In the visualization below, the user has already selected the fifth trajectory as the best and the first one as the second best.

Experiment Interface.

You will be able to undo your selection by pressing the undo button at the bottom of the videos. However, after you make 5 selections, the 6th one is automatic and you will not be able to undo anymore. So please make sure you got a ranking that fits the instruction before making the 5th selection.

The trajectories might have different lengths and it might be difficult to keep track of them. For your convenience to compare them, we added a "Sync" button that synchronizes the videos by restarting them.

You will be answering 40 such ranking queries.

Now, please complete the 2-question quiz below to start the experiment.

  1. Which of the following is true?

  2. Which of the following is true?

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